Wines That Celebrate Summer

Weather and wine is no great secret that we tend to enjoy certain beverages more during certain seasons. This also marked by the timing of the celebration of wines in the parts of the world where they are made. Our warm weather reds tend to be lighter in body, whites or roses crisper and roses with raspberry or strawberry on the palate. Two of the warm weather favourites of the northern Italians are Chiaretto and Chiaretto Spumante Brut. June 1st-3rd is the Chiaretto Festival in Bardolino, in and around Verona on the shores of Lake Garda. This floral thirst quenching rose is promoted with pride by the Venetians. It is a wonderful for sipping and food pairing. The sparkling chiaretto counterpart, Chiaretto Spumante Brut is magical as far as I am concerned, it is dry, with hints of raspberry and strawberry and refined bubbles. It is an easy and satisfying sipper yet it is fantastic with food. Last but not least is the light red wine of this region, named after the region, Bardolino. It is light, fruity and dry. It is one of the few reds in the world that is customarily chilled just before serving. A perfect summer red.